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Important Sides of Finding Your Dream Job

Regardless of what is happening in the world, everyone wants to find their place in it. Especially when it comes to stable work in our unstable time. There are many high qualified jobs, but there is no perfect job that fits every person. The ideal job can be exclusive to you, and when you feel satisfied, it is worth making the right decision.

However, it is worth remembering that in order to get what you want, you need to make every effort. First, you need to write a resume that will satisfy the employer, so if you don’t know how to write a resume correctly, you can order such a service. This is a normal phenomenon, not everyone should be able to write, and even more so – it’s quite natural to seek help from an experienced specialist! You can find out more about the process of work, the cost of the service, etc. on topresume.com review. Most often employers pay attention to a professionally designed resume and thus look at them more often. Besides, this article https://federalresumeguide.com/how-to-choose-the-best-resume-writing-service/ will give you an additional “safety net” in writing a successful resume!


It should be completely natural. But it is by no natural that if you are still at work, which destroys you as a person and an individual, you become a machine for making money and no pleasure.

Is Your Dream Job Exist?

What may be perfect for one may not be acceptable for another person. In nature, complete perfection doesn’t occur and doesn’t exist. Perfection is an abstraction, a theoretical assumption. Optimality, in contrast to perfection, exists. Optimality characterizes how similar it is, close to ideal. The bigger, the better. To find the optimal job, you first need to know what is the ideal job: what, in fact, you need to strive for. Work is part of our life (if we want it). And it can be pleasant and loved.

As a rule, we devote most of our time and energy to work. And we want its implementation to bring us pleasure or at least satisfaction – whether moral or material. Better both, right?

The work to which you give yourself really brings joy and pleasure, and here three key points should coincide. A dream can be found if it exists in your soul. So all you need is desire.

Three Aspects of Success

Firstly, you must understand your goals, define short-term and long-term goals. “Easy to say!” – you will think, because someone knows himself better, someone worse and enters the same university on the advice or coercion of parents, for a company with friends, and so on. But it’s never too late to listen to yourself and decide what you really want.

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Secondly, your knowledge and skills. Still, desire is a dream, a fantasy, and skills are a kind of reality (“what can I really do?”). Regardless of seniority, experience and self-confidence, experts don’t recommend taking the position of an all-knowing and omnipotent craftsman: everyone has something to learn. It is worth understanding that everything is changing very quickly, and therefore you need to constantly keep yourself in good shape, see the field for your development, analyze what else is worth working on.

Finally, the third is the circumstances. Even if you have a willingness to change your field of activity and idea of ​​what you would like to do next, assess your capabilities at this stage of life. For example, if your child has just started school, is experiencing stress, is constantly ill against this background, it is worthwhile to soberly assess the situation and, perhaps, devote free time not to learning a new specialty, but to helping his first grader. Dream fulfillment will wait a bit.

Why does a Person Work Where He does not Want to?

One of the most effective ways for keeping a person in his workplace is credit addiction. Many are working to recover debts for already purchased goods and experience a psychological fear of a situation of uncertainty and uncertainty. People are naturally afraid of leaving themselves and their families without a livelihood.

If you have nothing to pay for your apartment, you don’t have much to choose. On the other hand, if the financial issue is not acute and the circumstances allow you to take risks and change your boring job for your favorite thing.

For example, Google, Facebook, Steve Jobs or Quentin Tarantino, who worked in video distribution, and then directed Pulp Fiction. What unites them? The latter just wanted to create his own film without thinking about millions. They, along with the recognition and popularity, came for him themselves. Obsessed passionaries who put their souls and sincerely believe in what they are doing, success and money often catch up, although they have never been an end in themselves for these people.Therefore, you should not be disappointed in yourself and you need to have enough patience for your perfect work. The main thing is to find yourself, and your dream job will follow!