9 Steps to Find a Job You Like

How to find a job that you like? The ideal job is the job that you love and for you it brings great satisfaction and decent pay. A workplace that pleases is a luxury for a person. Life is moving by leaps and bounds and many new opportunities appear in new sectors, in new companies. Employers are most often looking for professionals. And jobseekers work that would bring satisfaction and decent pay for their work. They dream of exploring the topic of a career with serious intentions, creativity and an original way, with an unconventionally written resume.

  1. Be realistic. Analyzing job satisfaction? Every job has its ups and downs, its good days and the days you hate. Don’t expect euphoria in life and work. But if you love your job and are in tune with the work environment, you will know this and feel like an extension of your personality, and not like the exhausting test of routine activities. Job satisfaction does exist, it takes all kinds of shapes and forms in the presence of a great mood. Many people love their job and the career they have chosen.
  2. Explore your values. Identifying the things that are really important to you will help you get rid of headaches, further suffering and save you a lot of time. There are many tests and indicators to determine the important criteria for yourself in life. You can ask yourself what is really important to you and prioritize them. The list will probably include such a variety of items: like a house in the country, time with family, a great team, workplace insurance, a company brand, or perhaps it’s ongoing training and development or something else. The list can be very long or short, but it will be unique for each person. It’s important to prioritize each item by figuring out what matters the most to you.
  3. Define your interests. Ask yourself what you usually want and like to do? Maybe you are an aspiring artist? Do you draw cartoons in the margins? Maybe you like working with numbers? You have discovered a penchant for learning foreign languages. And are you looking forward to the weekend to practice your French skills with guests on a city tour or write an article or teach French to kids? Maybe you like to compose and you are a poet? Or do you like to travel? Most people excel at the things they love to do.
  4. Reveal your strong abilities and skills. Of course, you have highly developed skills and skills that are poorly developed. It can be not only hard-won skills in school, in any educational institution that have a positive impact in life, but also other skills and abilities that lead you forward, inspire, motivate and help to interact with people. But all your skills, when put together into one unique resume, will help you find your dream job in today’s career market.
  5. Get ready for retraining. Refresher training does not mean that you will be immediately hired for a job that you enjoy. Over an extended period of time, you can conduct training programs while you do the job. You do not need to be sent for training, it can be a self-study program or a self-improvement course. Knowledge contributes to maintaining and deepening skills.
  6. Analyze. Do your research. Carrying out research and reviewing companies and industries, orientation in real positions of future work and for building your career, requires not to stop there. Chat with people who work in your area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest and get a feel for what a day in their working life looks like. Match their working hours with your interests, skills, and values. Fill out an information letter on the company’s website and after the interview, walk around the office, talk to the people who work there. Find out what people value in their jobs, careers, and company. Make sure that this is the goal you are heading for and that it aligns with your values, abilities, and interests. Ideally, the more you learn, the better your chances of not making mistakes.
  7. Assess the quality of your working life. Factors affecting the motivation to make a decision to get a job: earn a livelihood, responsibility, harmful or healthy working conditions, food at work, positive relationships in the team, the possibility of using and developing human potential, prospects for further growth, living and working in space (work schedule). Increased workload, overtime work, and lack of time for rest can have serious consequences for family life. This is a very serious criterion for an applicant! A quality of work life assessment shows you that you are entirely your own decision maker.
  8. See a professional advisor or trainer. After you have found out that you are not able to identify your professional, personal needs, develop a plan for making a decision about employment. For some people, it’s just the realization of their capabilities. They come to the independent active implementation of the thoughts that have arisen and with pleasure decide to change their attitude to work. Others find that they have to do something to try to reshape the job from wellness, ask for an extra hour to go home and feed the kids, or take sabbatical or additional training or more regular performance assessments or better communication with the boss, etc. … Remember, if you are lacking in know-how or confidence, you can get training, help and support from those you trust with a friend, professional advisor or coach. The most important thing is to realize that you are in control of your career.
  9. Do 10-15 minutes of meditation a day. Just be quiet every day. Make it clear that you have a job you love, a job that is fulfilling and well paid. Do not allow any extraneous negative thoughts during meditation. Close your eyes and imagine where you want to be in a few years. How do you feel? What are you doing in the picture presented to yourself? Don’t be afraid to dream and think outside the box as your interests and career aspirations can be matched. Perhaps this will be the most beautiful, positive part of your day. The meditation period allows you to focus on what “I want” and find inner harmony, attract positive energy, feel confident in yourself, in your strengths, in achieving success!